Introducing the Mighty FINE Card
Here's how it works -- purchase a Beaver County Library System Mighty FINE Card for only $10, then use it to cover library fines on overdue materials.  When you accumulate fines, simply have your card "punched" to cover the fine.  Each "punch" is worth $1.

You can use the card yourself, share it with a friend or family member, or give it as a gift.  There is no expiration date.

Plus, for every $10 card you purchase, we'll give you an extra $1 towards your late fines -- that's 11 "punches" for the price of 10!

Mighty FINE Card

*  The Mighty FINE Card is only valid at Beaver County Library System libraries and bookmobile.  Not valid at CCBC Library.

*  The Mighty FINE Card cannot be used to pay for lost books, damaged materials, print costs, or other manual charges (faxes, etc.).

*  Fines will be rounded up to the nearest dollar, or the remaining fine can be left on your record until $1 is reached.  No refunds or cash back.

The Carnegie Free Library of Midland is a member of the Beaver County Library System

You can reach the director, Linda Slopek, at: